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  • Easy to setup.
  • Multiple payment options (Simple, Donation, Subscription, Recurring Donation.
  • Authentication functionality to connect Stripe.
  • Create Multiple Buttons with multiple Stripe accounts.
  • Shortcode Supported.
  • Global settings option for Stripe.
  • Custom form builder.
  • Drag & drop custom field functionality.
  • Allow fixed or a custom amount.
  • Multiple display styles for amount type.
  • Predefined mail tags.
  • Sandbox Supported for a test run.
  • Separate notification email for Admin and User.
  • Edit/Delete/Duplicate custom form fields.
  • Predefined Transaction notes tags.
  • View subscriptions and transaction reports.
  • Flexible Pricing Plans.
  • Secure payment transactions.
  • View transaction in Stripe.

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